> four songs of  the latest album have been remixed with bass added by our new bass player Enguerran, they are available only as a digital download on bandcamp . you can listen to theses songs on our myspace, on facebook and they are given for every cd purchase. if you already bought the album send me an email and i will give you a link to download them. ( )

> 320kbps mp3s streaming on

> check our soundcloud , reverbnation , stereokiller , purevolume pages


> we have a new bass player : welcome to Enguerran !

> first album rewiews here :

> a little unpretentious video ( when we were only 3 ) :

> check our facebook , twitter and myspace for updated news


> We have launched a new webstore ! ( payments with paypal )


> Hi everyone, we are proud to present our new self-titled album "NAKED" available in cd with a card sleeve. the record features 6 tracks and 47 minutes of progressive & instrumental emo-rock with a new line-up (2 guitars-drums). the album is available on our bandcamp (payments with credit card/paypal).
you can also buy it on our site with the paypal link below:

The record is also available in free streaming and digital download on Bandcamp in whichever format you like (mp3 vbr, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, Ogg Vorbis). there is a minimum price but you can name your own price if you want. (payments with credit card/paypal)


> You can now fully listen to all our previous releases on Bandcamp ( ). you can also buy with paypal and download everything in whichever format you like (mp3 vbr, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, Ogg Vorbis). also there is a minimum price but you can name your own price if you want.


> We have uploaded new songs demos with yann on the 2nd guitar on myspace. Our new record should be recorded and released next year


> Our new cd "On A Wire" is finally available ! you can buy it on our site ( mp3 / merch page ) for 6 $ shipping included. you can buy our previous record "ikimori" with "on a wire" for only 12 $ shipping included !

purchase "on a wire" with paypal ( 6 $ shipping included ) click below

> our first true album is in the writing process and it should be a surprise for many. Some gigs are expected, there could be some stunning surprises...


> a new ep is coming soon, recorded by germain of the band one step out ( ), all the songs can be listened on our myspace profile and one song can be downloaded here ( blind ). thank you for listening 

> a question on a trivial pursuit card is about us, see it there (no joke)


> you can order our cdep "ikimori" online now with paypal (secured payment) if you have a credit card or a paypal account ( 8 $ shipping included ) click above or go in the sound section


> Sorry we forgot to update the english section for a while. We have a new bass player (yann) since last year and we did some shows the past months. We are planning on recording new songs this year . We have a myspace page now ( for the nerds)


> We have finally released our first mcd "ikimori" ! you can order it by writing to us :


> sorry for the lack of update, we've just finished the mastering of our new ep, thanks stéphane for it.The ep called "Ikimori" will be released in february, more precisions when we have the cds.


> Hello kids ! We mixed our new ep with Michel Toledo in the Nef (Angoulême ,France) at the end of October, the mix took place well in spite of some computer crashes and we are really satisfied by the result. One mp3 is downloadable here : Failure . Thanks to Michel and Luc for their job and their kindness and hello to everyone at la Nef ! The recording will be mastered in a few weeks.

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